How does Sahajayoga Mediation Help ?

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What is Sahajayoga meditation

Perhaps the best thing to ever happen to you.
"With Sahaja Meditation, you develop this incredible sense... of what's right and wrong."
Imagine being able to awaken your spiritual energy and to experience and enjoy the many benefits of meditation almost immediately.Sahaja Meditation, while sharing many of the fundamentals of traditional meditation techniques, is unique because of how quickly it can help you achieve self awareness.
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Let meditation help you to:

• Decrease stress and anxiety
• Enjoy a peaceful state of mind
• Improve health in general
• Strengthen your immune system
• Increase motivation
• Improve concentration and focus
• Alleviate diseases and illnesses such as migraines, insominia, asthma, ADHD and many more.
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How Sahajayoga meditation Help Kids

There are certain truths about children that we all seem to hold. Children are our future. They are entrusted to us. They are unique individuals and are not just little versions of ourselves. They are innocence. They are joy. They give reason and purpose to our lives. They keep us young.

In Sahaja Yoga Meditation, we hold all these things as true. And something quite a bit more.

Children are here to teach us, as much as we are here to teach them. What do they teach us? Unbinding love is one thing. They love us without conditions, without reservations. They trust us because they know they are from us and we are with them. We are on their side and they are on ours.

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  • Website Promotion Self understanding
    Meditation Improves concentartion & hence it helps us to Understand oneself.
  • Website PromotionBalanced Personality
    Meditation improves & energises the body system and we become balanced personality
  • Website PromotionCalm & Focused
    Meditation nourishes our entire being which helps us stay calm & focused.
  • Website PromotionImproved Stamina
    The immemse energy nourishes our health and improves stamina.
  • Website PromotionRejuvanated system
    When each and every cell is enlightened in our being the subtle system is rejuvanated.
  • Website PromotionRelaxed & Rested
    Meditation helps us to be more relaxed & rested with joy and contentment.
  • Website PromotionImproved Energy Flow
    Meditation helps our positive energy to flow smoothly and gives soothing effect.
  • Website PromotionNatural Cleanser
    Acts as a cleanser by balancing our subtle system and by cleaning our centers (plexues)

Sahaja Yoga
Free Meditation Classes

Human life is journey of emotions, achievements, failures and a handful of discoveries that we make. But whatever we seek and achieve is mostly transitory and is like sand that quietly slips out of our hands while we pave our way through the deserts of ignorance, mountains of fear and cascades of emotions.

Have we been able to discover ourselves? Many seers have guided us but have we been able to truly understand these directions?
It could be amazing to know how the journey of human life unfolds itself with a dynamic simplicity as we conquer stress, emotional imbalances, and physical ailments through mental silence.

Meditation as described by many helps us focus and achieve peace within. But how should we meditate that we achieve this state, still remains unanswered for many.

Founded by H.H. Shri Mata ji Nirmala Devi, Sahaja Yoga is a way of life that opens a new dimension of self-realization within us.

Sahaja Yoga is a scientific and simple method of bringing focus within ourselves. We become grounded, as our heart blooms within this new dimension of awareness that spreads light of knowledge within us. We find balance, we understand how to cure several diseases and know ourselves better.

We welcome you to attend a Free Meditation Classes


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