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Chakras / Plexus 

Sahaja Yoga Plexus ( chakras )


What is a Chakra or Plexus ? 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel. There are seven chakras and each of them directs the particular type of energy controlling the autonomic nerve plexus and also adjacent endoctrine and other organs.

Each chakra has its own spiritual quality along with physical and emotional manifestations. They have a correspondance with location of related centres on head, hands and feet. Thus, the state of chakras at the subtle level reflects and influences our physical, emotional and spiritual life.


What is a Chakra? How does it impact our lives?

Each chakra (wheel in Sanskrit) is a fulcrum or point of support. They are located within the energy channels of your body. Your Kundalini flows through the chakras. It energizes, nurtures and balances them.

To visualize how energy flow works, imagine your subtle energy system as a flute with seven holes. Each hole represents a chakra. The air blown through the flute represents your Kundalini energy. If the flute's holes are unobstructed, the flute can produce melodious, harmonious music. When your chakras are clear and free of obstructions, your Kundalini Energy flows through your body smoothly, achieving a harmonious balance.

The chakras cannot be seen, just as electricity cannot be seen. However, you verify that electricity exists every time you turn on an electrical appliance. In much the same way, you verify the existence of your chakras when you “turn them on” through meditation. You will experience the sensation of energy flowing through them, as well as the impact of this energy flow on each chakra's corresponding nerve plexuses and associated organs. You can literally feel the energy flowing through each chakra and even detect specific blockages in the path of the energy flow. 


Chakras and Qualities

Each of your chakras, is associated with specific functions and qualities. For example, the third chakra, Nabhi, is located in the solar plexus or central stomach area. This chakra governs the functioning of your internal organs and nerve networks in that area. It is associated with the states of contentment and satisfaction. Because you’ve always had all the energy centers within you, you’ve always had the potential to be content.

In exploring your chakras, you’ll find that most physical or psychological difficulties you’ve experienced can be traced to an imbalance, or catch, in a specific chakra. A catch is a blockage, obstruction or impairment of a chakra. A catch prevents your Kundalini from passing through that blocked chakra to rise to a higher level. As a result, the obstructed chakra does not function efficiently. This inefficiency manifests in your life as a physical, cognitive or emotional problem.

Once you’ve used your Kundalini to heal and balance an impaired chakra, the problem disappears. The newly repaired chakra’s associated qualities are enhanced and strengthened. This will help protect you from future problems. The stronger your chakras are, the stronger the associated qualities are within you. The more you develop and strengthen those qualities within you, the stronger your chakras will become.

The good news is that meditation is a valuable, and powerful, self-discovery tool. In fact, once your Kundaini has been awakened, Sahaja techniques will help you diagnose problems within your own subtle energy system. The special sensitivity, or vibratory awareness, you will gain through awakening your Kundalini will serve as a reliable gauge of your true inner state.

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