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Health Benefits

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Benefits 


Sahaja Yoga Meditation Health Benefits

Health Benefits
Illnesses and ailments arise due to imbalances of the subtle energy system. Through Sahaja meditation one can heal, correct, balance and nourish the subtle energy centres (chakras). Health benefits include reduction in allergies and asthma, improvement in general immunity, help with other ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholestrol etc.

Self Development

With practice, one will discover that many innate qualities of our energy centres (chakras) manifesting and expressing in one's life. We automatically become very dynamic, creative, confident and at the same time very humble, loving and compassionate. The practice of meditation also improves one's mental focus, concentration and energy levels.

Peacefulness and Improved Sleeping
Many people suffer from insomnia or unsatisfactory sleep. The primary reason for this is having a mind that is constantly active, always worrying about past and planning for future. Through Sahaja meditation we can learn to calm our mind and have a more relaxed sleep.

Stress Management for All Age Groups
The left and right sympathetic nervous systems correspond to our Yin (our emotions, desires and the past) and Yang energies (our action and futuristic thinking) respectively. Stress is a product of imbalance between the two energies. With Sahaja meditation, we can learn to balance our energies and ease our overworked and over-exhausted sympathetic nervous system.

Reduces Anxiety and stress and gives peace of mind
Makes you more creative
Improves your concentration
Keeps you happy and makes you a friendly person
Improves your health
Improves your self confidence and makes you fearless
Keeps you connected with your subtle-energy centers and thus enables you to be connected with the power that has created you.
Helps you get to know yourself better

Research on Benefits of Sahaja Meditation

Watch the scientifically studied phenomena associated with Sahaja meditation. You can watch here a TV interviews with Dr. Ramesh Manocha about the positive health benefits of Sahaja Meditation, Australia 2002, 2011.

Meditation for Work Stress

Silent mind, mental silence, silent meditation (Sahaja Yoga Meditation research). Dr Ramesha Manocha talks about the health stress benefits of Silent Meditation 'thoughtless awareness'.

Stay Happy 

Sahaja Meditation
keeps you Happy & Positive